As soon as receiving the news that Mr.Matsubara – leading specialist on lubricants with over 40 years experience working in the company Kyodo Yushi – ending tenure and returned to Japan, the entire board and staff LAS members are emotions want to say to him.

    Mr.Matsubara as a teacher in the first step in the field LAS lubricants to become the representative of Kyodo Yushi distributor in Vietnam. With cultural appreciation and recognition, LAS always see him as a father, big brother and companion guidance LAS gradually grown to today. All the valuable knowledge after years of experience working with Toyota, Honda, … physicians  share and retraining for employees to LAS have experts on No.1 lubricants Vietnam  now.


       Parting physician’s emotional sincerity, warmth that the leadership and all employees LAS entrusted in blessing and the special gifts given to Mr. Matsubara in a corner full of trees of restaurants 5 stars Flamingo. Has touched the tears and words of thanks, good wishes between Kyodo Yushi and LAS.


       See Mr. Matsubara in Japan at the latest date!

    That same day, Matsubara’s successor Mr.Takatoshi Abe had a meeting to introduce and take over the cooperation between Kyodo Yushi and LAS earlier, marking a new turning point in the relationship of the two companies in the future.


       It is certain that the handshakes, hugs and efforts of both companies will be further developed in the near future.

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